About Us

10 Grounds is a design and software development company

Our vision is to be your most trusted and respected technology partner.
Our mission is to help our clients solve complex problems and exceed their goals.
10 Grounds creates leading edge, intuitive, user-friendly web, mobile and SaaS solutions.

10 Grounds is pioneering a new way of working...

one that celebrates remote collaboration, cultural diversity and unleashes the potential of digital innovators. Come join us in creating something truly special!

10 Philosophies of 10 Grounds

Design with the user in mind
Understand the ecosystems
Design for scale
Build for sustainability
Data driven
Open standards, data,  source, and  innovation
Reuse and improve
Address privacy & security
What we develop is yours

Process and Development:

We are proficient in many forms of creative tools and development code. We can take whatever you can throw at us- give us your best shot.

ided services

Development languages, creative tools and processes include:


Javascript (React, Vue, Express, Next, Nuxt)

Python (Django, Flask)

Ruby (Ruby on Rails)

Mobile (Flutter, React Native)

Agile (Scrum, Kanban)

Among  others


User Interviews

Client Workshops

Design Sprints

Low fidelity and High Fidelity Prototypes

User Testing

Design Systems


10 Grounds staff are available globally, so we can meet the demands of your busy schedule in the time zone you work. We have assets around the world, so when you need something we will be there.  

Gone are the days of waiting to meet or wake up to hundreds of emails. We feel your pain and will do our best to make your life easier, not harder.

world map with location icons

Service Offerings

We offer a wide array of service models to meet your specific needs:

Project specific
Long term team augmentation
Maintenance and monitoring services
Research/feasibility related projects
Customer Support
Hourly / Monthly / Annual

Experts / Partners

client logos
Partners logos
Partners logo
Just to name a few