​​10 Grounds is a design and software development company

10 Grounds creates leading edge, intuitive, user-friendly web, mobile and SaaS solutions.

Our mission is to help our clients solve complex problems and exceed their goals. Our vision is to be your most trusted and respected technology partner.

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Product Development

10 Grounds believes software development is an ever-changing process that involves the creation, maintenance and testing of software-based applications.

Our software development team has done a great deal to revolutionize the way our partners navigate through their complex environment.

From mobile device apps to cloud computing systems, our software developers work hard to create innovative and customized solutions for a variety of needs.

Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing technology development to a third party has become a necessity for many businesses looking to conserve resources, manage time frames more efficiently, and keep costs down.

With 10 Grounds outsourcing partnership and expertise, businesses are able to have the confidence that their project can be completed quickly and cost-effectively, without sacrificing quality. 10 Grounds Outsource Teams allow businesses to leverage the additional help they need when it comes to complex and difficult projects, all while saving time and money.

Product Design

10 Grounds Product Design (PD)is an integral part of our development process for both new and existing initiatives.

PD involves the creation of innovative design solutions to meet customer needs and wants, while also ensuring that the design functions perfectly and can be delivered in a cost effective manner.

Advanced design methodologies are utilized to create a smooth transition from design concept to a finished product, which require creative problem solving skills and user experience expertise.

Through this process, design specialists develop superior products that ultimately distinguish them in the marketplace.

Cloud Migration

10 Grounds Cloud Migration (CM) is an important undertaking for businesses seeking to switch their data cloud providers. CM encompasses the transfer of our partners' business data and applications from one service provider, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, to another.

It is critical that any transition be seamless in order to avoid disruption to the business’s operations and minimize costly downtime.

10 Grounds will customize a migration and implementation plan with a focus on maintaining the continuity of your operations.

Product Management

10 Grounds Product Management (PM) is an essential part of any business by providing oversight of the entire life-cycle of a project from the research and development stage to bringing the project to market.

PM ensures that products meet customer needs and expectations, identifies new opportunities, evaluates market trends, planning strategies to best promote and sell the initiative, measure sales data, and adjust product goals accordingly.

PM plans are critical to success in today's competitive markets because having a clear vision with well-defined objectives can increase profits as well as attract the desired audience. PM is in high demand as businesses strive to stay ahead of their ever changing competition.

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Partnering with you to resolve your business challenges and exceed expectations


Build a business that changes the way companies think about outsourcing Inspire the next generation of digital artists.

Build a business that changes the way companies think about outsourcing Inspire the next generation of digital artists

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We are a remote first multi-cultural company

10 Grounds is pioneering a new way of working - one that celebrates remote collaboration, cultural diversity and unleashes the potential of digital innovators. Come join us in crafting something truly special!

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